Reasons to Get Your Car Serviced at the Dealership

There are a lot of places to take used cars to get serviced but perhaps the best place to go for your oil changes, tire rotations, and annual tune-ups is the dealership. Here are a few of the best reasons to take your car back to the dealer for service.

Work with Specialists

One of the best reasons to take cars to get serviced at the dealership is because their technicians are often considered specialists. Some specialize in certain makes and models of cars, but you will usually have your car checked out by someone who is certified and professionally educated to work on it.

Build a Better Relationship

Another reason to take your car to the dealership for service is because you will have the opportunity to build a long-lasting relationship with the dealer. You have regular service and repairs done by technicians you trust, and when you need a reliable used car in the future, you don’t have to even question where you’re going to go to purchase it. You’ve already got someone that you know is going to give you a good price on a great vehicle.

Preserve Your Warranty

Going to a local repair shop might seem more convenient, and they might give you really good pricing, or what seems to be a fair deal. However, it’s important to keep in mind that many times auto repair shops will use aftermarket parts during repairs that void your manufacturer’s or extended warranty. By going to the dealership, you know that they will do the repairs with parts and processes that fall under warranty if applicable.

We know that you have a lot of choices as to where to turn when your car needs service. From repairs to tire rotations, oil changes to tire pressure checks, the dealership is typically going to be your best option in terms of value and lasting service.