Prepping your car for winter keeps you safe

winterizing your vehicle

If you live in Ontario, winterizing your vehicle a safety matter.


Every winter we expect no less than a rough and sometimes even brutal winter. As Canadians, we don’t hibernate; we embrace it. If you’re relatively new to Canada, you will find that the more mentally prepared for what’s ahead, the more welcoming you will become to those first snowfalls.

Then you prepare your gear, your home and your car. Winterizing your car is, in fact, a matter of safety you can’t afford to overlook. When you bring your car to your mechanic, there are several checks and maintenance items we perform to ensure your vehicle is winter ready. Continue reading “Prepping your car for winter keeps you safe”

Buying a Used Car? Timing Matters

ottawa used car dealer

Looking to buy a pre-owned car and can’t wait to get behind the wheel? But wait… timing is key.


What it means to buy a car is different for everyone. For some, it’s a necessity and for, others, a luxury. Either way, you may be excited and at the same time overwhelmed by the experience. Don’t let it drag you down. You have some homework to complete before you set out to find your perfect car.

  1. Do your research on the make and model you want. Check out our Used Inventory page to learn more about any of the cars you may be considering.
  2. Set a budget. You can see vehicle prices on the vehicle description pages, such as this 2014 Acura MDX.
  3. Get to know your mechanic.
  4. Contact our dealership or book a test drive.

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Happy Thanksgiving from our families to yours

Global Auto Sales Owners

We have plenty to be thankful for here at Global Auto Sales and hope you feel the same during this Thanksgiving holiday!

When you feel safe on the road, we feel gratified. When safety is combined with a little added luxury, your ride becomes a delight. Your delight is our gratitude. In celebration of this year’s Thanksgiving holiday, we wanted to take the opportunity to extend our gratitude from all of us at Global Auto Sales and share with you our story.
Fathers, husbands and brothers, we made Ottawa home over 30 years ago.

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