How to Separate Valid From Irrelevant Car Reviews

How to evaluate car reviews

Tips on how to read and evaluate whether a car review is valid for you


Forbes released a report last year listing 13 cars to avoid. In this post, we’re going to look closely at the review criteria and provide tips on how to assess each rating. The Forbes criteria consist of the following:

  • Consumer Report rating
  • Reliability rating
  • Overall engine performance and handling
  • Interior space
  • Fuel economy
  • Resale value after 3 and 5 years
  • Consumer Report rating

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Car Maintenance Checklist for the Inexpert

mechanic auto maintenance ottawa ontario

10 Routine Maintenance Items


If you’re car savvy, you likely spend time inspecting your car every now and then, looking for erosion, rust, moisture and other elements that might affect your car performance. You hear every tick and are totally in tune with how well your car is performing. But what if you’re not an expert, an inexpert even? How many among us drive a car without any knowledge of what really goes on under the hood?

Mechanically inclined or not, we all know that regular car maintenance is a great preventative of future auto repairs. If you’re not up to learning a few tricks and going the do-it-yourself (DIY) route, you need to find a trusted auto shop who will perform the regular maintenance for you. Continue reading “Car Maintenance Checklist for the Inexpert”

How to Manage Your Used Car Payments

Ottawa used car dealer financing

Whether buying or leasing a pre-owned vehicle, find your comfort zone with your car payment!


In previous posts, we have talked plenty about how to make the most out of your car buying experience. We have touched on how to manage emotional buying decisions, how to choose the ideal time to buy a car, and what to expect of your salesperson. It’s time to talk about the finances. Continue reading “How to Manage Your Used Car Payments”

Top 10 Things You Should Expect of Your Car Salesperson

car sales rep is your consultant

Your car sales representative must act as your consultant with your interest in mind.


As exciting as it is to get behind a new set of wheels, the process of buying a car is stressful, confusing and somewhat scary. You’ve done your research and decided that you want a pre-owned vehicle. You’ve set a budget and narrowed down your options or honed in on a type of vehicle. Now you need to visit your pre-owned car dealership, take a car (or two) for a test drive and then go through the purchasing process. You expect help from your car salesperson. Whether you choose Global Auto Sales or other dealerships, you must demand from your car salesperson no less than the following 10 expectations. Continue reading “Top 10 Things You Should Expect of Your Car Salesperson”

Happy Thanksgiving from our families to yours

Global Auto Sales Owners

We have plenty to be thankful for here at Global Auto Sales and hope you feel the same during this Thanksgiving holiday!

When you feel safe on the road, we feel gratified. When safety is combined with a little added luxury, your ride becomes a delight. Your delight is our gratitude. In celebration of this year’s Thanksgiving holiday, we wanted to take the opportunity to extend our gratitude from all of us at Global Auto Sales and share with you our story.
Fathers, husbands and brothers, we made Ottawa home over 30 years ago.

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