We’re Bringing Groovy Back

Take the stress out of buying a pre-owned car


We all know that shopping for a car is a stressful undertaking. You have access to a ton of resources online on how to manage stress and reduce the risk of making a bad decision. Heck, we have even put out a few of our own helpful tips when shopping for a used car. But enough with the stress talk. Instead, let’s shift focus to the fun part of car shopping. We hope you’re all ears!

Your car shopping experience doesn’t have to be just about fuel economy and safety features. We’re not saying these are not important; they remain a priority. But once you’ve narrowed down your search to a few cars that meet those top requirements, why not shift gear to the fun and exciting audio features you want in your pre-owned vehicle.

Fun and Exciting Audio Features to Look for in a Used Car

Consider the amount of time we spend in our cars, whether commuting daily to and from work, driving the kids to activities, running errands throughout the day, or occasionally going out of town over the weekend. Right! That’s a lot of hours. Your car is more than a just device that gets you from point A to B and so why not make every ride a fun ride. That’s where you’ll find that the audio features of the vehicle you buy can be just as important in your purchasing decision. It’s nothing to stress about though. We’ve prepared some information about a few fun audio features to help guide you and turn your ride into a rolling jukebox.

When out test driving a car, you want to look for Bluetooth connectivity, satellite radio capability and auxiliary port.

Bluetooth Connectivity

If you love music and want to control it hands-free in your car, then look for one that has a built-in Bluetooth stereo. These stereos may come factory installed or could have been added by the previous owner. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to plug in your phone so you can control streaming music apps or play downloaded music over your car speakers. This is a great feature if you have a long daily commute or take long road trips. We found a great article on help with better understanding how Bluetooth technology works in a car if you want to look in to some more.

Satellite Radio Capability

Some late-model pre-owned cars come with stereos that have the capability to receive satellite radio. While the technology may be available in your car, the service is not free. You need to subscribe. With your subscription, you gain access to a ridiculous number of radio stations and other programming. Whether you love classic rock, talk radio or country, buying a used car with satellite radio can provide you with hours of endless driving pleasure.

Auxiliary Port

If you carry all your music on your phone and want to take it with you when you’re driving, then look for an auxiliary port as you shop. You’ll find this port on the audio system of a car. You simply plug your phone into your car speakers and control your music via your mobile device. To take advantage of this feature, you will likely need to buy yourself an auxiliary cord, which is super affordable.

Whether you feel you need all three technologies or not depends on how deep your love is for music during your car rides. Bluetooth connectivity allows you hands-free access to play music off your phone, either streamed or downloaded music. Satellite radio is your car radio with an exceptional number of stations and an aux port gives you wire-line access to the music library that you have built on your phone. When you’re ready to go out and shop for your used car, remember to look into these fun audio features. You would help not only manage your stress but also ensure that you get a groovy ride out of the vehicle you choose.


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