Happy Thanksgiving from our families to yours

We have plenty to be thankful for here at Global Auto Sales and hope you feel the same during this Thanksgiving holiday!

When you feel safe on the road, we feel gratified. When safety is combined with a little added luxury, your ride becomes a delight. Your delight is our gratitude. In celebration of this year’s Thanksgiving holiday, we wanted to take the opportunity to extend our gratitude from all of us at Global Auto Sales and share with you our story.

Global Auto Sales Owners
Michel and Tony Maatouk
Fathers, husbands and brothers, we made Ottawa home over 25 years ago leaving behind a great little town in north of Lebanon, precious childhood memories, and a great deal of family and friends.

Growing up, we were always close and always had each other’s back. Truth be told, we didn’t always agree but our utmost trust and respect towards one another always superseded any conflict we had. And because of this mutual trust and respect, it was only natural that we go in to business together in our adult life. We are family after all.

If you’ve visited us at Global, you probably recognized that once you’ve made a connection with us, it meant that you also became part of our family. Our relationships with family and friends shape who we have become and continue to shape the way we live our lives.

Much like most small businesses are founded, we started our pre-owned vehicle business in a small lot back in 1997, operating out of a trailer.  Prior to that, we were buying and selling cars just for fun; it was our hobby. Now partners, we align our vision with our core values of authenticity, integrity, and trust. Nearly 21 years in, we are now proud to service you out of our full-service dealership on Bank Street South.

We started taking our car sale business more seriously because of that one great thing that we always agreed on as brothers. We have always agreed that there’s is an undeniable allure to driving a luxury vehicle. We wanted to give you more than just a luxury brand that you recognize, and so when we are out looking for pre-owned vehicles to bring to our lot, we put focus on vehicle safety, customized features, plush interiors and state-of-the-art entertainment systems, and we make them affordable!

Whether you’ve done business with us in the past or have even considered us, we, Michel and Tony Maatouk along with our families and staff, wanted to take a moment to say thank you and wish you a happy Thanksgiving weekend. Be safe on the road!

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