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Global Auto Sales has a full service auto repair shop that serves all makes and models. With the latest diagnostic equipment and certified automotive technicians, we offer offer everything from a simple oil change to scheduled maintenance to major repairs; all at competitive pricing.

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Knowing When Your Car Needs a Service

Cars are complicated machines and need regular services to run properly and safely. Most everyone knows that they need to have their car's oil changed, but not everyone knows how often. A general rule is that every car needs its oil changed every 5,000 kms. This is the single best car service you can do to keep your car happy.

Keeping fluids topped off, monitoring brake pads, and maintaining good tires are also things most people know they should be concerned with. Other car service questions you have can be directed to our certified technicians. We have the knowledge about fuel additives, how to increase gas mileage, and what to do if you hear worrying clunking or scraping noises from your car's engine.


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